About Us – Work Search

Boost Your Profile! Was founded with the inspiration that now is the time in which technology, trends and statistics come together to your advantage. This is, after all, the digital age!

In fact, at the moment you are reading this, 93% of all recruiters are using Linkedin, and other social media for hiring. Shouldn’t you be using it to get hired?!? Take a look at some of the links on this site reflecting other statistics that will blow your mind. Will these get you to take notice of what a vital dynamic area of your job hunt that you are missing out on?

I have always looked to get in front of decision makers. I knew there was a process that is typical to getting a new job, but I also knew that if I stuck with the common methods, I would get common results, if any. In today’s economy, I realized that there has to be a way to stand out from the crowd. Well, now, here it is, Video CV and it’s right on time

Since May of 2015, I’ve been putting together this company, the infrastructure, and the national network of photographers & Videographers to provide a quality product that will add a new dynamic to your successful job search, be it in Australia, or the rest of the world.

Getting yourself in front of the decision makers is the goal. With your experience, moxie, and talent, we are looking forward to helping you get that job you deserve by Boosting Your Profile!

– Tom Sullivan –
– Founder & Director –